Worlds Within

by Abuzayed the Free

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released April 8, 2017

Vocals and Lyrics by Abuzayed the Free
Fully produced by Chris Rockaway
Love Always Wins, LLC



all rights reserved


Abuzayed the Free Austin, Texas

Abuzayed the Free, originator of Wunluv Rap, is of mixed Palestinian heritage and an advocate of spiritual liberation. Representing the Source of everything, she sings jazz and raps about female empowerment, philosophy, forgiveness, her thighs, devotion, and ego death.
With absolutely no limits, Abuzayed the Free is building an empire of divine unity, where Love Always Wins.
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Track Name: Magic My Word
Rulin myself, my creation: I made the world that I see
Singular verse, magic my word: I write my own destiny

Verse 1:
You and I: One, U-N-I-Verse; you are now one with the universe
Bang bang whiplash, reverse
Revert modern conceivers
Young seedlings still transceivers
Space is, needs no believers
Cracked code, high from these fevers
Unlimited rhyming schemers
Beyond the physical, meta, gonna get with my letta, is it cool?
Cold, anti-gravity blizzard in my soul, old-this wizard of unknown
Trippin through slow slope that slip I grip my shadow’s shallow saddle
Ellipse in the dot dot dot infinite, elapse self, see solipsism
Stringin synchin up cymatic prisms, explicit synchronistic show secret
Seekin of mystic one, dualistic none, neutral is my view of space in the sun
Supreme god-head got hair done, dressin up dome of Jerusalem
Time rockin’ back like a rubber band snap
Like Yeshwah wash my feet, dry ‘em on a mat
R-R-R Sri Ramana runnin in my mind remindin my I I Am Maharaj I Am That
Unified, I’m the eunuch, I guard my eye, got the guardian of life got the god of lies
Takin a nap, all in my mind, is it a trap? All of this why?
Why define I be just fine don’t design arguments ‘gainst, omnipotence
Leanin’ towards shut-in, lean-to, door that’s leavin you out I am you there’s no doubt
Diminish, all stars vanish, vanquished is my planet, inquire demandin I’m expandin
In the grand scheme of things, nothing’s everything, projecting, balancing, reflecting


All the noise in my mind can’t compare with the vastness of silence out there
So small the sandy grain so suffice to say all is just a play
Keep narcissist at bay, open source I spray, easy come and easy done the day
Alien concept to the planet in the back if you don’t believe in time then tell me where ya at? (x2)

Verse 2:
No philosophy so sticky that it hold me to be thinking same thing parsec after parsec
No ideology be following, but Love
Orbiting perception, sight seen past light speed, I sped new direction, outward in me
No comfort can come from half-asked question
Hah, check it: earth I call it home, silicone-based life form
Preach truth: pastor al carbon
Measurement problem, manifest option
Supposedly we started with a single “Om”
Firefly fear the reaver, sci-fi helped me still be here
But so did faith and preacher, Like Copernicus I’m lookin to the ether
Universal tuggin at the string of reality
from me fabricating what I see to be
Felt make a difference to a drop in the sea
All is wet all is all all is none all is me

Universe Disappearing, Universe Reappearing
Universe, You

Track Name: Sitting Pretty
Sitting pretty, spitting witty, stilled the city, soothed the gritty
I’m not empty, I’m just emptiness (x2)

Verse 1:
The cages, they come and they go
I’m ageless, but movin too slow
Low-end theories, givin way to my weary-bleary-magic-makin eyes
They dry and I’m fine
I’m not the body and imperfection is a lie
Spacious mind holds motion, madness
See me rise my idol static
I want to be refined know when to decide, dignified, and integrous
But I’m a playa of the flow, the winds they blow and I’m addicted to unknown’s blessins
I change within the eye that’s always the same
I am it all, I’ve no one to blame


Verse 2:
Surmount, I’m at the mouth of the mountain of doubt
Change comes around like chains, broke, now on the ground
Double down, fix my crown, ain’t gonna be turnin back now
All I ever wanted is all I’ve been endowed
Shrouded and sassy, loud-mouthin, can’t out-class me
Particularly when I’m in my shtick of feelin free
Energy conservation, wings liftin, not climbin so I’m miles ahead of the game
Monocle’s applaudable on prodigal daughter
Audible is the fool’s feedback from fallin the pools
Pit pat from the feet tip tap to tip top,
Peakin is inevitable, so why would I ever stop?
Perspective’s merely metaphorical, mirror the miracle
More immortal I report, minority immoral
Deplorable don’t deport me, regardless I’m still retorting
Often Akenaten off-and-on in my noggin
Am I minimizing when I’m memorizing am I meant to mind me?
I miss finding blinding mesmerizing, bright and shining now confining
Could use a refresh, reboot, defrag the whole loot
Give back to make room
Take the rock out of my shoe, now the rocket I’ma shoot
Take a trip but don’t pollute, take a sip don’t chip ya tooth
Casablanca black and blue
Hey kid, here’s lookin at you

Verse 3:
Tickled pink, pickled me
How could it be that I could ever handle this so easily?
I got that ambiguity
Lucid joy, is it mine, is it yours?
Days come crackin out I’m agin how,
If all that’s whipped up be in Now?
We is seekin, begin seedin, be upweedin
Meetin feedin, sea is teemin, love is singin
Emcee who-am-I, great ruler of the sky
Nourishing my soil, every time I cry
I believe in eternal life and I love myself so I’ma be just fine
Said I believe in eternal life and I love myself so I’ma be just fine

Track Name: Funkified Groove
Funkified groove, my thighs so thick they rude
Squats for days, I’m upliftin attitudes
You think you know but baby you don’t
I see for miles, don’t try to front
I’m keepin it real, like illusions don’t

Verse 1:
Keep up and keep on
Yeah mama feel, and that’s why she own
On that old cycle, my vinyl OG
Skip all the records that’s confinin me
Get low like my hips and I groove like my curves
I’m gold like my skin and I move like my curls
I done took my power, ain’t givin it back
Yeah the funk align me, keep me on the right track
And I’m undeniably Free


Verse 2:
Funk it hit me get my stanky face, my stanky leg
I’m so pretty yeah the whole wide world wanna have my baby
You just might taste my food if you wanna eat from the table of love
So open up your wings leave your woes below for the funk is risin above
Get that groove honey
Oh-so-sweet is your heart, in you holy’s all I see
Ooh oh, baby child, you got me runnin wild, I wanna free your soul
I ain’t gon be chasin empty dreams, putting breaks in beats no more
I keep it smooth like glue like ju-ju done right mo-jo workin all night
Slappin that bass
I know you got the fee, pay homage the queen
So open up your mind and get to listening
I know this goddess body could be distracting
But honesty’s my policy and I ain’t maskin
I’m just that good lookin cuz Truth what I’m cookin and that’s all I need…
Well maybe that and a funky beat

Chorus x 2
Track Name: Goddamn I Got Vision
Verse 1
Thanks to Jah that made the beat that gave me opportunity to channel creativity and energy that’s musically settin me free.
First of all.
But in case ya didn’t hear it, I’m gonna get it again.
Thanks to Jah that made the beat that gave me opportunity to channel creativity and energy that’s musically settin me free
I watch it all be happening, hand-holdin mind that questioning, poke holes in all projected screens, tan lines from my enlightening, top pole-this view’d be frightening if I could only trust my strength but that just aint the case
I am the totem icing on the cake of the king, I am rhythm at the core of the earth that support my feet
I am folk-lore of po’ folk and mythology, intoxicating brain waves, uptake my symbology
Innocence gon flood you and rob you of all apology
Congruous you is sovereign, just solved the world’s hypocrisy
My job aint gon be done till all my babies is free
Short, sure path to get there is forgivin me
Definin me is tricky but I guess I’m all I see
Goddamn I got vision

Goddamn I got vision, these waters is for fishin and the sea is so full
Goddamn it’s my purpose to convince you that you’re worth it so I let my whole life be a tool
I don’t even know I don’t even care what the fuck happenin with my life anymore
I’m just blinded by the light so take me by the hand lead me anywhere you want me to go

Verse 2
I am made of pure light, I am bling bling
Don’t know who’s rappin, don’t know anything
I am the death of the winter I’m the birth of the spring
I am the pain of a splinter, I’m ya skin in an incinerator, meltin-fire
I’m a change instigator, felt-spin in a whirlwind high-class elevator
I don’t even know how tall I grow, at least beyond the universe that’s for sure
God dammin’ up the waters that be overwhelmin me I feel the best flowin free in well-defined boundaries thank you holy ghost for always makin waves for me, don’t take this mission of salvation casually
Consistently gifting me often as I’m oxygenating
Positive and negative procreating shedding and embedding leaves and seeds of light-beings unseen
No deliberating, immediate celebrating

Goddamn I got vision


Verse 3
In me and of me, put nothing above me
5, 6, and 7 is powered by my loving and I dip low to 1, 2, 3 to be supreme
Cleaner-upper of the dream, simplify complexity like
I see the signs assigned to my eyes, meaning or no meaning that’s fine
My no-mind vine, blooming and growing, unmuddied and unsullied and holy
Ever-patient, ever-present, contained and maintained by flow’s crescent waves
By moon and sun rays, by optical arrays, by beloved in my gaze
I’m lookin at me in your eyes
Goddamn I got vision and all I see is you,
Goddamn I just listen so tell me what to do
Goddamn I got vision I see straight through
Goddamn the only reason to breathe is for the Truth, goddamn
Track Name: Seva from Deva
I don’t know who you are and that’s the truth, but you help me know gratitude
Together we in this forever to win this I trust in this blessed interdependence
I don't know who you are and that’s the truth; but you help me know gratitude
Together we in this forever to win this I trust in this blessed interdependence

Verse 1:
You are magic itself, freed from shelf
Wondering into wonderment, we melt
Honored to be servicing our heart’s health
Seva from Deva, I’ma give ya some of this flavor
Hanumama salivate and savor, this goodness of love as our savior
Making up our marigold bracelets, merry-makers our kindness contagious
Spread hope like rabbits’ matins’ outrageous
Collaboratin, meditatin, music-makin
Ooh, I love you
For everything you are, and nothing you do
Perfectly place you are in my space
Great arcs are our triumph from winning the race


Verse 2:
Chapel on my hill, lighthouse counsels all my ills
I sing about the climb because I took my spill
Mastery no frills, your beauty gives me chills
I die with laughter as pure life shows me love can’t be killed
Handing me your bills, I trust abundance is real
The knowledge of my open heart writes reason off my will
The noble path is nigh as lightning Source lights up the sky
The glory of our home is here, so open up the eye


Verse 3:
I poppin’ truth bullets through brains / the status quo can’t be maintained
It’s time we upturnt all that blame / unleashed the image from its frame
I ain’t takin pictures no more / it’s drivin me insane
Singular image shows that god and love is one and the same
Windy windy gust of wind first fans were my fam and my friends
Takin me serious, support my vision / come to my shows give ears to listen
Please never forget how you make me grin / inspire my song and my forgivin
Mirror my soul so I be giftin’
Boy oh boy it sure was dark, I bake and rot anew
If a dog is a god and I’m god’s dog, then home is a bone I chew
Lickin lips I found the fuel and now feed it to you
We go bow-wow and out the room we fly, zoom, and bloom
Carrier pigeons, owls and doves, sparrows, crows and hawks
Message delivered the Source makes me talk
All the best knowledge still bow down to the feeling of giving it all
Surrender my mind and all that define that I Am That you and I, I call
Only to be reminded gleefully that me is free and you is me and we is free,
Yibbidy, skippidy.
Oh the bliss that comes and bends me to my knees
I’m crawling now, I’m growing up
I’m standing now, I’m love
My trust heals all the wounds of me and you
Unifies the blues of separate’s issues
Only way to go from low is up

Track Name: Brown Girl (Ya Allah)
Ya Allah it feel good to be a brown girl
Golden goddess, god I’m flawless, I own the world
Bow down to the sun, burnin alive
From the throne of Love’s hand, heaven I revive

Verse 1:
Brown girl, feel me? Brown girl is God.
Whether you be witch, religious, nothing, or atheist
We wakin up so take ya hand, give it a kiss
No longer we slave to conditionin
Earth mama been burnt and beat and we been missin it
Through tears of our women and pointless violence
Bear witness to insecurities of fearful tyrants
Shoved low and voice cut off the fruitless force seemed like a giant
But here come the spring, we replenishin
We need the water fire air earth and all the gender
To balance out this madness and show off our splendor
We’s leaders of Love’s movement and it’s graceful defenders
Hips the size of Saturn and waist the size of my mouth
I serve divine feminine whether she quiet or loud
People step out the way, carpet unfurl
Cuz Ya Allah it feel good to be a brown girl!


Verse 2:
This verse is for my mixed girls who from the get-go saw through
For though the water may be muddy, division’s just a rouse
My skin don’t pin me down, for I am loyal to red blood
Raised with Jews, Turks, ‘binos, Chinese, Mexi’s, Aussies, Afrikans
We is of one love and one world and world peace
We is examples of how tolerance makes a masterpiece
We is that latte, caramel, cappuccino and golden fleece
We is the colors of the earth and natural timeless beauty
I got Catawba, Palestinian, juxtaposed with European
Native to the Truth I sit back as you try to box me in
It just ain’t gonna be happenin love, I’m emcee Free
And beyond these petty definitions, I am God’s Queen


Verse 3:
Mama, woah mama, we give birth to other life
The strongest people on the planet, our glory cannot hide
Thought by this day that it’d be done but we is still sacrificed
Bodies of young third-world girls today’s available to buy
I know the ways of the ancient, traditional bull
Inundated with stagnation, but could you say we is full?
I think we addicted to killin, addicted to not feelin
Addicted to havin a strong face usin the war paint of a villain

Aint gonna be pushed down, just cuz my skin is brown
Cuz out my eyes and in your heart is where the Truth is found

Verse 4:
I squash American dreams, seems that seeds planted with greed
Yield nothing but dilapidated, painful, repeated history
How it gonna be that a country built on generosity turned to monstrosity
Still stompin out my olive trees?
Why it gotta be that you build walls and fund the slaughtering of all my brown babies?
Open Air Prison.
You feed their Zion, yet starve education of your browns and blacks
Lord the patience and strength it take to forgive instead of attack
I do it willingly, though, for love will not be sidetracked
And for me to focus on your innocence is the ultimate matrix hack
Ya Allah

Track Name: Elate and Dissolve
Verse 1
Good gone I’m here but gone away
What I feared adhered and I forgot the game
My lips they twist and I lie awake in my partnership with what I color fake
It’s out of date, so I pay the rate
That double rent, get sick to stay
But my landlord don’t recognize hate
Doin favors that’s draining for invisible roommate
Elate, elate, elate – get high
Elate, elate, elate – get high
Attacked and zapped, I’m up to bat I tax my back and take da bait
Decapitate. why wait for fate, when I’m on my way?
I navigate through the gates of a mathematical equa-tor
Bigger than worlds, bigger than worlds, bigger than bigger than worlds I Am
Attention upright I uphold day and night
Represent Truth and Light, it’s my god-breathing right
I am burning so bright, candle wax on my window sill
I surrender all my ill, take a chill pill and settle down for target practice
I braid ropes and roast magnets, untangle and dissolve all I imagine
Yeah I don’t have the time but I’m creatin all the time
Double meaning, rewind
Uncover and find
All is made in mind, great.
Good gone I’m here but gone away
Elate, elate, elate, get high

Dissolve me Jah, ya Allah, Krishna, my Buddha, oh Oya –I am yours
Clear out my heart, bring me home I am yours
From the Source I Am giving all I can
Want to be one again I forget take my hand I am yours
Brahman to Atman, Nirvana, sweet garden of Eden and Jannah- I am yours
Dear Durga, Chinnamasta, Devi, Kali, Shakti, Tara, Rumi, Yesu, Maharaji- I am yours

Verse 2
Stray, swerve, sabotage, world applauds, I’m in awe of how my gnawing gets more recognition than my knowing am I growing or still towing just the waves is different?
Convince myself I’m missin some essential misperception so I listen
Yes I’m free but still protectin, still terrified of rejection
Completion, perfection, intellectualizin, testin
I been takin notes my whole life but the credit aint just mine
I find a pattern of the sameness in all separated divides
I’m yours I implore you to open the door
Furnace is hot and the devil’s a bore
Born again I send in the innocence since all I can see is me
Condensing from the nothing to the something
If only it was enough to believe
Do I believe? In what, me?
Masterful mystery, enigma, enter me, empty me
Ooh I am yours, in me you pour, Lord I adore, need nothing more
Breathe through my form, I’m dancing
You are, I am, You are
Everything, nothing, satchitananda
Just consciousness vision that twitched, switched, and fixt attention on the
Sticks, bricks, and hay mansions – pay handsome to establish ransom
Sloppy transaction, trajectory’s set.
I give up the lie and give up all regrets
Unknown am I, know not what to expect
Shadow is on me, forgive till I’m dead
Trusting in truth, free falling I’m led
Cannot limit me to be just human

Track Name: You Love Me and You Know It
I am that from which the sun shines
I Am That, I Am That
I am that from which the sun shines
I Am That, I Am That

You love me and you know it
You love me and you know it
You love me and you know it
That’s because we is love and love is growin
You love me and you know it
You love me and you know it
You love me and you know it

Verse 1:
Chinese finger trap got my fingers makin friction
Perceived obstacles and the light inspire my diction
I let it out the gate and break free of the stitches
Healin my reality beyond wishin
I’m God mother fucker eat it up digest
Always on top golden witch redefining the best
Sharp and sticky, smooth and sweet not easily impressed
If you get a look at me and know my Source then you is blessed
Eat my body it the bread that feed ya head
Feel the energy even beyond the words that I said
I take you home I wake you up, leave your pains in the bed
It’s a goal with my microphone to help you see your perfect
You’re perfect (x 8)

Open-close, smash-crash, grasp-relax, hold-gasp
Know-ask, unknown-task, trance-mask, teach-class
Open-close, smash-crash, grasp-relax, hold-gasp
Know-ask, unknown-task, trance-mask, teach-class


Glitchy Break

Verse 2:
Dance or die, behold or blind, no matter what I always find
The deepest layer of myself is deeper than the mind
The trend is broken, cycle spoken when I bring it into the light
I feel the freest raw fire devour me by the hour, no confines
I eat cookies when I want, I work out all the time
And even so I’m here to say I think fat is divine
My body is a vessel and I channel all these rhymes
Squeeze my lemon, drink my juice, hear my zest, feel my rind
Sweet from sour, light from dark, stillness feeds your inner spark
Pay no attention to anything that says you ain’t whole and from the heart
Your swag is a cloak of glory from the angels let it bling
So take heed, mother fuckers, fly free, spread your wings
You’re worth it (x 8)


Track Name: So Much Swag
I got so much swag, it’s almost a drag
I got so much game, it’s almost a drain
I got so much swag; I got so much game

Verse 1:
Got playas round the block tryna hit on my tap
But I’m chillin like I’m Spock, tryna get me a nap
Gotta make time for me, Gotta drink my tea
Aint sharin none with you unless it’s overflowing
You yummy, but you think you dyin of that thirst
Mirage: to believe you could ever be in the desert
Yeah wind’s dry, sand’s hot but I know that time will tell
That deep inside you is the Source, timeless and endless well
Not a product on a shelf, not for acquiring
Kindness and open legs to be equating
Build connections, stay protected,
Heart reflect it, love respect it
The best embrace of all, from which I’ll never fall
Aint even physical so, no, I’m not answering your call
See, what I got to offer – priceless – don’t got a tag
And I’m fulfilled in my own glory, so what’s your value add?


Verse 2:
Yo mama gonna do what mama gotta do
And all that mama do, is follow the truth
Aint cleanin up to be scrubbin down
I think I’m God, whatchyu about?
I love myself, you love your doubts?
Don’t love yourself? Get out my house
Not to say that I don’t see you cuz you sweet and boy you fine
But, simply put, you ain’t good for me if you ain’t trustin the divine
Ain’t wastin all my energy, can’t pay enough for my time
God’s gifted me with all my strength and I’ma take what’s mine
Yah Freedom. It’s what I do, It’s who I be
Freedom. I keep it clean, not getting messy
Love it – from a distance – probably all you gonna see
Love you, then you love me, for we’s one in unity


Verse 3:
Yo It’s been a trippy journey to be how I ballin now
Thought I was undeserving, afraid to be loud
Was taught I needed a man, What the fuck is that about?
I’m ownin every category, A plus, and well-endowed
Aint gonna be bowin low, subservience can kiss my ass
My one purpose is love, life is a school so take my class
First lesson is respect and consent means that you ask
And I’ve worked hard on my life’s essay so I’m not editing your rough draft
Not a piece of meat, so don’t lick your lips at me
This vegetarian like stimulation, intellectually
And soulfully, so hopefully you feel my beat
Lioness of the pride on the prowl I bring the heat
I’m a independent liberated woman
I set the bar, define the job, make history each moment
You won’t get far you puppy dog if all you want from me’s bonin
But if you payin interest, you’s in luck, got so much game I’m loanin!

Track Name: Hierophany
I stay Free up in this mahfah
Watch me fall down, que sera, white flag, surrender
Ain’t nobody gonna tell me I ain’t god but they try
Keep a trap to yourself, I don’t feed on no lie
La ilaha illallah, la ilaha illallah

Verse 1:
Mm mm hanumama magnifico
Bubble bath, dip in toe, so you let it soak
Favorite flower of the prophet supposedly the rose
I jam so smooth eat you like toast
My favorite fruit is lemon / all I be doin’ is winnin
I own the world, no penance / I give my soul, so feel dis
Got boys that call me Kali / don’t play the game, still balling
See through the mess, I know we blessed
Fear-mongering got me yawning
I do what I want and I say what I mean
Unhooked and free, I am complete
I serve the light so see me gleam
Ain’t no tellin when the flow gonna be mainstream


Verse 2:
Been eminent, feminine winnin it, yin
Power forward, power back, power play, balance
Yan like the stamen, fragrance, pollen
Death and life cyclical, love incarnate
Yip yip, I get it I fit it / flip switch, archetype my image
Can’t quit, till bi’ness is finished / lit lit, I burn my prison
Lotus liberated, imprisonment antiquated
Moonlit-madness stavin’, cracked and crazy-cravin’
Intricate web from my tentacles in 8 of pentacles
High priestess, hermit, luna be learnin
Hierophant with the key, wands of three
Fool and star be showin my strength
Bewitchin this shiz independently
So I don’t go nobody bank rollin’ me but me


As-Salam, Al-Gaffar, Al-Basit, Al-Haaq, Al-Wadud, Al-Wahid
An-Nur, As-Sabur, Al-Batin, Az-Zahir, Al-Alim, Al-Latif
Al-Karim, Al-Muid, As-Samad, Al-Ahad, Al-Hadi, Al-Baqi
la ilaha illallah, Allahu Akbar

Verse 3:
Bless through my eyes lest I despise
My state of mind, dissatisfied, self-hypnotized sight
For my delight, I’ma see right
Magic carpet ride to the Source of everything
When you in though, mirror outside your window
All you see, allegory, all a story, innuendo
Subliminal minimalism outweighin putrid puritan postulations
I spit real like Tao can’t be uttered
Dharma control, I’m the cosmic mother
Miraculous, notorious in non-duality
Mindless domain, wordless, why speak?


La ilaha illallah
Allahu Akbar
Bismillah ir rahman ir rahim
Track Name: Worlds Within
There is no you but me, so who are we?
What conflict exists when I perceive but Love’s army?
From my well-spring flows eternal life, so that knowing grows
Even through the night.
I trade madness for trusting;
All the crazier, still hustling: forgiving this lusting, for beyond these walls I’m unseen—
In limitless, abundant fertility.
I sing so Source can slay my slavery.
Transfixed on maya’s mirrors, the mirage is amazing.
On the precipice of explosion, I revolt, spew fume:, I’m blazing.
The demons have no chance when I hack my cravings.
I be whatever, whoever, for Truth.
Any role I can play, best suited, will do.
Rapper? Okay.
Teacher of children? That’s cool.
The homeless vet with empty belly and heart so full?
A blade of grass or passing thought;
Ostracized criminal who we labeled and caught,
But desperate for freedom and power they fought.
Whatever you want, we all in one pot
So burn up the hatred and reign down your peace:
I’m fully complicit and surrender my needs.
I just wanna be your light, I want us all to see.
Abort the fears and birth the love, from softness comes our strength.
I hear these cries, my Lord, and I got the drive to kill.
So purify my mind, my Lord. Protect and course-correct my will.
Let us look to our children to teach us of the heart.
Let us hear our elders, for compassion, wisdom, and patience they impart.
Let us champion those with forms disfigured and disabled,
For on Divine orders, they reflect our formless nature.
Let us forgive transgressions, multiply our blessins, uphold our holy standards,
And celebrate learned lessons.
I know this goal is eminent, my soul is infinite and – no – I do not give in to doubts.
For I have seen Love’s glory and it’s miraculous effects when I let truth flow from my mouth.
I am a vessel. That is why I rap.
So, homeward-bound, I look to the worlds within, trusting I need no map.
Be free, my babies, be free.
I am God, and may Light be all you see.
Guide me, Lead me, Light me, Free me